BRASH works on theatre projects that explore, destigmatize, and celebrate the experiences of young women living in the North East. 

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer, please get in touch with Bethan at for more information. 


BRASH is working in partnership with Streetwise Young People’s Project to develop a show inspired by their new ‘M'-Card Scheme’, which enables young people to get free s products. Watch this space for updates!

Shoefiti at NOrthern stage

BRASH is thrilled to have partnered with Streetwise to deliver Shoefiti to young people across the North East, starting at Northern Stage on 23rd January 2019. This event was SOLD OUT, and was a great success!


"This is Newcastle, that's just the way lads are here man. It ain't 'pervy'. Just the way they are. I reckon yer should get off yer high horse and enjoy it. Wouldna get this sort a treatment gannin' oot in f**kin' London."

The Shoe Tree has been the territory of local teenage girls for generations. The shoes resting here tell hand-me down stories of the past that must be honoured by girls of the present. And tonight Joanne, Brooke, and Courtney will re-enact a story with an ending none of them can predict, as they leave their Shoe Tree nest and enter the world of Newcastle's night life for the first time. 

Based on the real experiences of young Geordie women, 'Shoefiti' is a cutting-edge account of what it's like to come of age within the depths of Newcastle's clubbing culture. 


BRASH uses Shoefiti as a springboard from which young people can access their personal experiences of consent, peer-pressure, and night-club culture. We offer a package that includes accompanying workshops, that can be tailored to your group's specific needs and experiences.